7 No Nonsense ABC Printables to Get Your Kids Now

I wanted to make some ABC printables to give my son something else to do when he’s home with me. There are so many transitions with parenting that happen in the first five years. It can be hard to keep up with them.

One of the many changes is getting your child ready for school. The hardest transition I’ve experienced as a new parent.

You want your child to have a solid foundation before school. But it can be hard if you don’t know any productive way to do it.

While some may say that worksheets are not helpful for children, it is a great tool for helping me with my child, especially with speech delays.

Understanding how your child learns has been key to the first steps of getting my child to read. If you are worried about your 2 Year Old Speech milestones, these printables will help you understand where to start.

Here are my seven ABC printables for preschoolers.

abc printables

Hands-on Alphabet Activity

There are many fun ways to get your young learners to engage with the alphabet letters. Using my printable alphabet activities is one of them. With This printable, you can color words associated with the letter.

With the printable letter, there is space for you to color inside the letter as well. Each page is colorful with capital letters and lowercase ones, so if your child learns in different ways.

These ABC printables will accommodate that.

You can also print the pages and make mini books of them based on the printable activities you want to have with your child. It’s lots of fun, and my son, who is three, enjoys using them.

The overall goal of the ABC printables was to help my son improve his fine motor skills, as now we are moving to the stage of teaching him to write.

These important skills will only enhance his ability to develop the skills needed as he transitions to kindergarten and first grade.

Letter Recognition Activities

Learning the alphabet will take lots of practice to make it perfect. The ABC printables in the Etsy shop are designed to help your child learn in a variety of ways to start building vocabulary.

You will also find that the alphabet tracing worksheet reinforces your child’s ability to discover letter identification.

The goal of worksheets and printables is to make sure that they are fun activities because, at this age, learning through play and fun is the most effective way to get your little learner ready to transition to school.

The coloring pages in my Etsy shop are another great way of getting preschools ready to be kindergarten students.

Each page is outlined in a bold color, and the goal was to make it as close to some of the items on the page so that it would be easier for young children to build work and letter association.

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Variety of Alphabet Printables

Since children learn so many different ways, provide different and fun alphabet resources since young children can learn in so many different ways.

The preschool worksheets that you get from my Etsy shop have been tested and approved by my child, who is three.

I wanted to make sure that the worksheets would be something my child would enjoy and be able to do without difficulty.

Remember that your child is doing a variation of this if they are going to daycare, so having something at home that you can do with your child Is a great bonding activity.

I have created a learning center in the home with a dedicated space for our child to learn. If you know anything about speech delay in toddlers, then you know that having structured play and structure, in general, is better for them.

Also, if you are looking for the best books for toddlers, my blog post will give you another great way to start preparing your child for a school environment.

English Language Arts & Crafts

While I’m not a teacher, I am a parent that takes education very seriously. As a mom with an advanced degree, I wanted to make sure that the ABC printables I offer would be fun, educational, and valuable.

Now that the weather is changing check out this post if you are looking for some easy summer crafts for toddlers. I provide a full list of craft supplies your little one will need, which is fun.

Don’t worry. I have other blog posts about fall crafts for 2 year olds and Christmas crafts for toddlers age 2-3 if you want to be the MVP to your kids with another way of learning.

Yes, these crafts invoice paper plates, finger paint, and more. You can easily do these with items you have at home, making the learning process much better.

You can even use finger paint on the letter tracing printables to make it more fun and exciting.

Occupational Therapy and Phonemic Awareness

These printables are great for providing fine motor skills for your child. I want to mention something regarding kids’ printables. Since there can be some controversy on whether or not they are effective for helping your child learn.

For many children, printables are effective ways of helping them learn and prepare to transition into being a student. Which is the next phase of life for them.

Final thoughts about my ABC printables for preschoolers.

My Etsy store has other letter worksheets that you can get for your child. It’s an easy way to start the process of them learning the entire alphabet. It’s also a great activity that you can do as a family.

Printables are another fun way of having little learners get a head start on preparing for a school environment.

You can also find a printable pack. If you want something more expansive to provide your kids than just the ABC printable.

If you think your child has s speech delay, getting them tested is important. To ensure that additional services are not needed for your child.

When you visit your child’s scheduled doctor’s appointments with the pediatrician, they will inform you of their recommendations. If it’s needed to have your child see a specialist.

I was able to know the signs that my child would need additional services because, as a child, I also needed speech therapy.

There are no amount of worksheets that will help if your child is showing signs they have a developmental delay. In my speech delay in toddlers post, I go into depth about what you should do and provide the best resources for your child to ensure they get the assistance needed.

I just wanted to mention that because I’m not a medical professional or a teacher. I’m just a mom who when through services to learn speech.

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