Where to find an Affordable Toddler Table

Now that I am a toddler mom, I’m looking for all products for toddlers, including this toddler table that I will be reviewing in this post. 

I don’t know about you, but product reviews are how I’m buying products lately.

Once you become more experienced as a parent, you start to learn that your child doesn’t need everything or the most expensive things.

Getting just the right mix of high and low products will be the best thing your child needs.  

toddler table

A transition table is pretty much after your child grows out of the high chair but too little to sit at a standard table.

You usually get an in-between table to “transition” them to sit.

If you haven’t heard of a transition table, you will be an expert by the end of this post.

This post is a product review of a toddler table.

Usually, these are used in daycare facilities. Or places where there are a lot of children, like if your toddler is going to an actual school.

There is another table style for a younger toddler table under 18 months because they’re still pretty tiny.

This toddler table is suitable for children who can usually sit upright without additional assistance.

Humble Crew Toddler Table

The Humble Crew Kids Table comes in a set of two or four chairs. We got the four-chair set.

It comes in many colors, and we got it in gray because that’s just a very neutral color, and it goes along with the color scheme of our home. 

toddler table

Pros of Having Table

I’m a first-time mom. I didn’t really know about the transition table. I’m finding all of these things out randomly. 

I love the table because the chairs are very, very sturdy. My husband and I are adults sitting in chairs.

We do not have to worry about if we’re going to fall or if we are going to feel confident and if it’s going to break.

My husband and I are over 150 lb each, so we can sit at the table and eat with our son. Our toddler enjoys it. 

Usually, some are slightly higher up from the table when kids are in the high chair, so they are not relatively level.

Now that our toddler is sitting at a table, it just really makes our toddler feel like a big boy.

We really enjoy it, and we are comfortable and confident knowing that we can sit there with our toddler, and he feels like he’s becoming a part of the family.

To put things into perspective, my husband and I are not plus-size people, so use discretion if you will sit in the toddler chairs.


Toddler Adapts to Table Quickly

Our toddler took to the table very, very quickly. Once we put it together, he automatically knew it was his table, and so he just started playing there, doing his stuff there, and we really didn’t have to say, “this is your table.”

Our toddler just knew that it was his table, and he does a lot of stuff there.

You don’t have to worry about your toddler not being able to take to the table. I think most kids, who are I kidding, are pretty smart, and they know that if this is level enough for them, it’s there.  

Our toddler likes to eat, draw and play at the table. He knows that if there is something specific that he wants to do, he will go to the table.

Our dog will also go to the table and sit next to our toddler. This makes our toddler feel more comfortable that someone is always around him and he is not isolated. 


Cons of Having a Table

Cleaning is the number one issue that I have with the table. Obviously, we have a toddler, and stuff gets stained on the table all the time.

It is so difficult to clean that table I’ve tried scrubbing it. I don’t want to use harsh chemicals on the table.

I don’t want to take away the coating and paint on the table. However, when he eats dinner, we really try to clean caked-on stuff right away. 

We don’t use any abrasive products like soft scrub or anything of that nature. My husband and I just try to use regular soap and water.

Because it’s obviously a kid’s table, and we are sensitive to the chemicals our toddler is exposed to.

We really try and clean it, but let me know if you have any other alternatives. One of my biggest gripes is that it is tough to get things off of it.

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The Conditions of the Table

It stains really, really quickly. Within 20 minutes of us getting the table set up and showing it to our son, he had a pen in his hand.

At this age, everything they do is a masterpiece where he’s drawing on all of the walls in the house. 

He drew on the table. And I saw him do it. But at the time, I didn’t think much of it because of its type of pen. I couldn’t even get the pen marks off.

Now there’s a big pen mark on the table I cannot get off. I tried everything to get that pen mark off the table, so be mindful of that.

Location of the Toddler Table Matters

If you are very active with the table and your toddler eats at the table or plays at the toddler table often, everything that you do at that table will be pretty permanent.

Our toddler has been using the table nonstop. Everything from even a minor scratch will be difficult to get off. 

Are you looking to put the toddler table on the carpet? This might not be as much of an issue.

We have a table in our kitchen, so the table moves very, very quickly. The table doesn’t come with a non-slip grip.

To keep the table from moving around, so you will have the table moving around a lot.

Obviously, we can buy the non-sip grips, but it would be nice to include it so it doesn’t move.

Since we don’t have the non-slip grips. The table has hit many of our current furniture and appliances in the home.

No damage has been caused, but it would be more convenient to have the non-slip grips.

Also, noteworthy that the chairs don’t have a non-slip grip either.

Be mindful that your toddler is at the age where they also believe they are bob-the-builders and move the chairs around. Having those grips would prevent them from doing that. 

Watch the video version of this post below.

Were you interested in purchasing the toddler table in the video? Click here to see where I bought it and other toddler products.

Final Review of The Toddler Table

The Assembly of the chair took about 30 minutes at most. It was easy to put together.

The packaging came with some tools to help set the table and chairs together.

Overall, this is a great product that I would recommend you get for your toddler. 

My husband used the tools with the toddler table set and his own devices.

We haven’t had any issues with chipping, not holding up to everyday use, or having any problems with the screws coming undone or something splitting. 

Another thing to point out that is kind of related indirectly to this is that we are at the stage of making memories with our toddler.

You don’t want to get so caught up with the small things about the table that you stop having fun with them since that is what is really important at the end of the day. 

Paints & Pen Marks

If your toddler does make the table with paints or pens, I will keep in mind that it will be permanent.

I would make sure that you cover it really well, or if you can find a special cleaner or clean it up multiple times per day, that might be best with keeping the table clean.

I would also mention getting the non-slip grips. It will really allow you the most control over making sure you can keep the tables and chairs in place.

You don’t want the table going all over the place. Since there is still a risk of the table and chairs hurting the toddler.

The table may slide on them or when your toddler is trying to move the chairs out or move the table by accident.

Different Options For Your Family Needs

The set comes in many different colors and different chair styles. If you want to get two chairs or four, you have plenty of options.

There are colors if you have a little girl or if you’re going to keep the table and chairs more neutral, you have that option.

If your toddler doesn’t go to daycare, I still believe you will like this toddler table set.

I’m sure there are other toddler tables and chairs, but we went with these since they are the closest to what our toddler uses on an everyday basis at daycare.

I would make an excellent gift for a birthday or holiday, and you won’t be disappointed. 

This post was a review of a toddler table.

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