16 Great Toddler Gifts For Christmas 2023

Let’s face it: the holidays are coming. Trying to find toddler gifts for Christmas can be a challenge. 

Finding great toddler gifts for Christmas will be more complicated this year since everyone is still shopping online.

I’m excited about the gifts to get my 21-month-old this year because he is walking, starting to talk and being active.

There were so many toys that I wanted to get him last year that I could get him this year, and I can’t wait for Christmas.

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Last year, most of the toys we got him were based on his initial interest, not educational value.

Now that we are more experienced with parenting and understand the purpose of toys, we are focused on getting toys that do one of the following:

  • Help build language
  • Refine motor skills
  • Provide fun entertainment
  • Reinforce what he is learning in daycare, including sharing, counting, and basic understanding of concepts.

This year’s toys will provide an outstanding balance of education, fun, and something we can all do with my young toddler. 

Here are some great toddler gifts for Christmas to consider this year.

Baby Einstein Hape Magic Touch Piano

We love Baby Einstein products because they are bright in colors, offer three languages, and are interactive and fun. 

Jungle Adventure Kids Toddler Wooden Bead Maze

As your baby gets older, they will love standing up, and for any baby over 18 months, this is a great option to help them build curiosity with exploring. 

iPad Mini

I know what you are thinking, but these pandemic kids are smart.

Technology has always been at their fingertips, and getting them something they can play with and putting educational games on there is a great idea. 

Kidz Delight Infini First 2 n 1 Tablet

If you aren’t buying the iPad Mini for your toddler, you can always go the toy route.

It’s super realistic, and because Generation Alpha already loves technology, this will allow them to feel like they are a part of the family with their functional and fun tablet.

More Fantastic Options for Boy and Girl Toddlers

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

If your Kid is over 18 months, they have discovered walls and pens and their curiosity to become an artist on them.

Even though they are learning to write, getting this drawing board will allow your little to see their masterpiece, but on something that you can’t erase quickly.

LOVEVERY – The Investigator Play Kit

If you are interested in the Montessori approach to learning, this is a great option.

Unlocking toddlers’ internal play drive allows them to learn at their pace communication and problem-solving skills that are much needed in this phase of their development.

Crayola My First Finger Paint For Toddlers

My toddler loves drawing and being creative, so we will tap into his creativity by allowing him to paint.

Finger painting is a great family activity that increases their social skills and family bonding time. 

Wooden Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate your toddler’s problem-solving and emotional skills.

A puzzle is a great way to get them to focus, learn patience, and feel accomplished all at once. 

My Favorite Toddler Gifts for Christmas

Munchkin Bath Crayons

It’s better to have them draw in the tub than all the walls. Trust me; you don’t want this to happen to you. 

Fisher-Price Corn Popper

My son, Noah, plays with this multiple times a day. We call it the “vacuum cleaner,” and he loves to chase our corgi around the house with it. 

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Learning Home

The tots will learn about all the different aspects of a place and the first stages of ownership.

LeapFrog Scout’s Learning Lights Remote

By now, your toddler will know how to kind of use the remote (even though you swore you would never be those parents).

They should get one that teaches them something other than what channel CocoMelon is on. 

For the Mama’s & Papas who are into Montessori

Learning Resources Dottie The Fine Motor Cow

The toy is a great way to learn fine motor skills with one of MacDonald’s original animals on the farm, the cow.

Chuckle & Roar Now I Know My ABC’s Kids

Another great way to bond with your toddler and provide some problem-solving skills is with this puzzle on the floor and big enough for the whole family.

Kids 2 Piece Arts And Crafts Table and Chair Set

As your tot gets older, they will let you know they want to start being more independent, and allowing them a space that is there is so crucial in their development.

You can put everything on the table for them and allow them to explore for hours through their imagination.

Montessori Busy Board for Toddlers

These are great if you have an active and creative child who wants to build and create things independently.

Final toughts about how to handle toddler gifts for Christmas.

Trying to find toddler gifts for Christmas can be a challenging task. If you need some inspiration for what your here is another list of gift ideas for toddlers to consider.

Wanting to get your kids some books? I have another list that includes best books for toddlers that make great gifts for Christmas as well.

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