Beginners Guide: Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers Age 2

Before thinking about Thanksgiving dinner, you should consider Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers age 2. This is because you want to find a way to keep your kids busy while you make dinner, and finding a fun way to do it will be a great way to keep everyone engaged. The best part of Thanksgiving is gathering with loved ones, and being able to do crafts that the kids will love and also do with other family members will be an awesome treat.

thanksgiving crafts for toddlers age 2

When thinking about crafts, you want something kids of all ages can do. Since these crafts will help toddlers’ fine motor skills, the goal is to find easy craft ideas that everyone in the family will feel like they can do with no problem. Two year olds love to do craft projects that are easy, fun, and not too challenging, so keep that in mind when thinking about projects for them to do. In this post, we are all about keeping everything easy peasy.

Trying to think of fun Thanksgiving crafts can be a struggle. Luckily, we’ll be talking about Thanksgiving craft ideas that are easy and fun but also affordable and economical. It doesn’t take a lot to make a toddler happy, so finding an easy turkey craft won’t be hard to do. If you are looking for more fall ideas, check out my other post about fall activities for 2 year olds.

This post is about thanksgiving crafts for toddlers age 2.

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

You don’t have to come up with ideas that will take a long time. Toddlers don’t have long attention spans, so coming up with quick ideas will ensure the entire family has a good time. Some of these crafts are so easy to make that you can use them with items you already have in your home and might not have to get anything extra. Below is a list of things that will make these crafts so much fun.

  • googly eyes
  • paper plates
  • tissue paper
  • toilet paper rolls
  • use construction paper

Here are some of the crafts that you will make with those activities:

  1. Handprint turkey
  2. Footprint turkey
  3. Paper roll turkey

These are just a few ideas, but they can be some of the best Thanksgiving crafts you do with your toddlers age 2 will turn into family traditions. Toddlers are the perfect age group to try new craft ideas with because they are honest. You might find out that it turns out to be a favorite Thanksgiving activity that other family and friends may start ding on their end.

Think about how cute Thanksgiving crafts from toddlers will be for everyone. It is also remarkable that you can save it as Thanksgiving art to showcase yearly for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration.

Simple Thanksgiving Crafts

Looking for a fun craft that is also simple? Below are some of the simplest crafts to do. The whole family will love these crafts because you can do them with items you have at home, and they are so easy even elementary school children can do them.

  1. Make a pine cone turkey – this will depend on where you live, but you can always find pine cones on the side of the road in the fall. You can pick one up, bring it home and use some acrylic paint to paint it. You can select different colors and go all out.
  2. Hand turkeys – you can take a piece of paper and a pin and draw a turkey using your hand. By outlining the turkey, you can color it with anything you want.
  3. Get free printables – if you are low on time, printables are your friends. You can print out as many designs as you want and have them paint or color what they want.
  4. Paper plate crafts – all you need is paper plates, a toilet roll, and a great time and your toddlers can make turkeys out of plates. The best plates are the cheap ones you get from the dollar store with the ridges. Here is an example of the plates that will give you the best effect.

Best Thanksgiving Activities

If you want a more traditional take on Thanksgiving, you can start by using Thanksgiving books to get ideas for crafts. Thanksgiving is about learning about the Native Americans, and how giving they were during that time. Younger kids will also love this because learning about different aspects of the meaning of Thanksgiving will make the crafts that much better.

  • A simple craft to make is to make turkey feathers. All you need are some craft supplies that you can get from any store and cut out the feathers from different materials. It can be from paper, cardboard, tissue paper, or actual down feathers.
  • Try to do an egg carton turkey craft. This requires a little bit more skill since it’s not as easy for younger toddlers to do. However, you can cut out all the pieces needed so their little hands can do all of the work putting it together.
  • If your toddler loves sensory toys, create a sensory bin that will allow them to make an easy thanksgiving turkey craft. For example, you can put items there like bubble wrap that can be used for the turkey’s base, pipe cleaners for the legs or as the feathers, and cupcake liners as part of the body and feathers.
  • Make a thankful tree. This is an excellent idea if you want to teach your toddler what thankful is and how to do it. You can make the tree out of anything. You can have a crafty morning on the morning of Thanksgiving and start making the Thanksgiving decorations with this tree.
Best Thanksgiving Activities

Fun Thanksgiving Activities

If your toddler does not want to do crafts all day, there are other fun ideas you can do that will still tap into your toddler’s creativity. If you have thought about the thanksgiving table, that is a great place to start. You can get some basic supplies, put them on a table, and have your toddler decorate them. You can use corn husks to make a table cloth.

Turkey day is all about making great Thanksgiving crafts. The simple ideas are usually the ones that are the best for crafting. If you want to make a great craft but disguise it as something else, take cookie cutters and make cute little turkeys out of food items like biscuits, cranberry sauce, or cookies. Turkey crafts don’t have to be complicated. They have to be fun.

Making crafts can be a great addition to your holiday tradition. Another cute turkey craft would be to make a thankful turkey. As the thankful tree, you can make it out of anything but the fantastic fun that no one will disagree with.

If you are running out of ideas, you can also do a paper bag turkey craft. You can get a bag from anywhere and make it a fun activity. A great idea would be to make their bags so guests can take a plate home in these paper bag turkey when they are finished eating. Not only will it stay on the theme of Thanksgiving, but what better way to thank your guest for coming than with a bit of a fun turkey craft.

Favorite Thanksgiving Crafts for toddlers age 2

An excellent resource for more craft ideas, check out my other blog post about Fall Crafts. Here are some mama bloggers Meaningful Mama, The Resourceful Mama, Heart Crafty Things, Red Ted Art, and Happy Home Fairy. It’s always a pleasure to share a kids activities blog that has different themes and ideas that will work for other people and what they know their child would like to do. They have a free template you can use if you want to make your crafts at home. The blogs also have ideas for older children as well.

This post was about thanksgiving crafts for toddlers age 2.

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