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7 Questions to Ask When Thinking About Having a Baby

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When thinking about having a baby, my husband and I had a lot of questions about doctors and of each other. We never took having a baby lightly. He and I are in our 30s and know of the ramifications of what children do to finances, friendships, families, and relationships.

thinking about having a baby

My husband and I were that couple that had 100 questions to ask before having a baby. Things change when you have a baby. You have to think about if this is something you want because it’s not a trending topic on social media. Are you considering becoming a parent? Although having a baby may be one of the best experiences of your life, it’s important to remember that parenthood also requires an enormous amount of time, effort, and responsibility.

This post is about questions to ask when thinking about having a baby.

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  1. Can you afford to have a child? Children are expensive and time-consuming. They can affect your ability to work and earn a paycheck. They also require a great deal of care and financial investment.  
    • How will you handle the medical costs of pregnancy and the baby? Will, one of you, stay home with the baby, or will daycare be an option? 
    • Consider all of the financial implications of having a child. Children require medical visits, clothes, food, toys, cribs, and other items. They also quickly outgrow issues and need new things. 
  2. Have you discussed your parenting style? It’s essential to consider the type of parents you want to be before the baby arrives. 
    • Will you follow a strict parenting style or a more relaxed one? How will you handle conflict, discipline, and praise? 
  3. Are you both enthusiastic about becoming parents? If only one of you wants a baby, then this can lead to severe challenges in your relationship. 
    • An unwanted pregnancy is a critical issue in relationships. Even pregnancies that are desired by one side of the relationship can be challenging to handle. Before you have a baby, ensure you’re both ready for one. 
  4. How will you handle the changes that come with a baby? Children can fundamentally change relationships. 
    • Children require a great deal of time and resources. You won’t be able to spend as much time with each other. You might not be able to spend money on other things you enjoy. 

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  1. Have you considered the logistics? Parenthood can seem like an incredible journey, but it’s essential to consider the logistics.
    • Do you have room for the baby in your current environment? Do you have the ability to sacrifice work time for the baby? These simple questions can lead to convincing answers and show you if you’re ready. 
  2. Are you prepared for the possibility of adverse outcomes? A baby can be a beautiful part of the family, but it’s essential to consider all sides of parenthood.
    • How will you handle a change in your body or your partner’s body after pregnancy?
    • What will you do if there are complications in the pregnancy or after the baby is born? Can you handle a high-needs child and the financial, emotional, and physical toll? 
  3. Are you ready to share your world with a child? Children need more than regular feedings and diaper changes to thrive. They need love, devotion, and care from their parents. How will you handle a child’s needs along with your own? 
    • Your personal space won’t be the same after a child is born. Are you ready to share your space, belongings, thoughts, and time with a child? 
thinking about having a baby

Parenthood isn’t an easy decision. Before you become parents, you may want to carefully consider the changes and responsibilities that come with transforming your world from a couple to a family.

This post is about questions to ask when thinking about having a baby.

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