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[VIDEO] Dr. Brown’s Baby Product Reviews To Watch Before You Buy

It’s no secret that Dr. Brown’s is one of the leading companies for baby products. They are so popular that the pediatrician recommends Dr. Brown’s Baby Products. As a new mom, when I first gave birth to my son, there were so many things that I didn’t know. I listened to people who had older children, but none experienced what I did with my son.

About a month later, we discovered that my 17-month old had a milk-protein intolerance which we discovered because I was expressing breast milk, and he wasn’t able to tolerate it.

After that, things got real, and we had to switch to a special formula, Nutramigen, that he is still on today.

We tried the powdered version of the formula, but my son’s tummy still couldn’t settle it properly, so we switched to liquid, which is when the heavens opened.

The only issue is that after you open it, you must keep the formula in the fridge, which and since giving my son cold milk gave him horrible gas, we had to heat it for him to fed.

Of course, we did it the old fashion way by boiling water on the stove and putting the bottle in once the water got to temperature but during the night feeds, that was too time-consuming, and I was exhausted by the morning.

Dr. Brown’s Baby Products: The Beginning

That is when we discovered Dr. Brown’s MilkSPA Breast Milk and Bottle Warmer. From then on, I was a fan, and we bought several more items of theirs that we use. Below are all the videos about Dr. Brown’s products that we have purchased over the past year.

Since he is aging out of most of their products, I won’t be making any new ones but check out the reviews of the ones I have done below.

Since that video got so popular, I decided to do a 1-year update video that you can watch below.

We got this sterilizer shortly after getting the bottle warmer, and it another significant investment that pays for itself after one use. Watch the full review below. Here is another Dr. Brown’s Baby Products that I would recommend you add to the registry.

Lastly, if you are looking for must-have products for your baby, you should check out my recent video that also includes the bottle warmer here as a recommended product!

Here are all the Dr. Brown’s Baby Products Items I mentioned in the videos

Dr. Brown's Baby Product

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