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2 Major Reasons Why Baby Milestones Are Stressful

Why are baby milestones so stressful? You aren’t born knowing what to do with your baby. The confidence that you see parents have come over time. So don’t feel bad if you have no idea what you are doing, or you feel insecure. Trust me, I’m two months into this whole, “being a mommy” thing. I still have no clue what to do, and frankly, I’m ok with that. Baby milestones are something that has always stressed me out. It’s stressful because I don’t know what to expect and why hitting certain milestones for babies is so important.


There are so many milestones you have to hit with your baby. Honestly, its a lot of work to make sure you are hitting these milestones. Recovering and adjusting to a new life with a baby. I mean, it wasn’t this much work creating the kid. Now I got to make sure Noah is getting tummy time, not rolling over and playing with him. Plus, Cooper, the 17-month-old Corgi? CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME A DRINK!!

You will hear a lot of people say to you, “Google it since Google = GOD.” Still, it’s hard to do that when each baby hits milestones at different times. You don’t want to feel like a “bad mom” or that you ain’t shit because your baby isn’t “smiling” at 2 weeks old. All this pressure!! Until now, you had no idea of what other parents have to go through. It can be very overwhelming, even to this day. I have an excellent pediatrician who understands that my huzzband and I are first time parents.


Honestly, its hard work being a baby. Hell, it’s harder than it is being a parent. I’m starting to see that now and have more empathy for kids today and sympathy for my parents. I think to myself, damn I must have given my parents grief cuz LAWD Noah is no joke lol. By the time your baby is 1 month old on average babies begin feeding about 2-4oz every 2 hours. For Noah, he was up to 4-6 oz by then LOL. Even with the whole tummy time, motor skills, hearing, seeing its like damn. I thought this was maternity leave, not maternity work. Who came up with baby milestones anyway? Why are they so important and why do they make parents feel like crap when it not hit?

No, I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I know women would kill to be where I am. But that doesn’t mean you can’t express how hard it is to keep up with the early stages of parenthood. Don’t even get me started about when its time to go back to work and keep this up. I can’t even think about it and don’t know how mommies and daddies do it. What are some milestones that your babies hit different times then what the doctor said you should? How do/did you feel about it?

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