toddler in snow
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[VIDEO] Taking My Toddler out for a Walk in the Snow

toddler in snow

Since it was a little “warm” outside today, I decided that it would be a great time to take my 13 month-old outside for a quick walk so that we can get some fresh air. Who would have thought I would have a toddler in the snow.

Since almost all of his life, he’s been indoors; it’s nice to have a couple of minutes where we can relax, get some sun and have a great time. The goal is to do these more often as he gets older to make sure that we are both getting exercises that are needed.

About Today’s Vlog

We started doing this a few days ago since the weather in NY had been mild, and Noah enjoys it. I allow him to walk as far as he likes, and then when I notice that he is getting tired of going into areas he shouldn’t, I would pick him up.

Typically, we have been spending about 20-30 minutes outside, which has been a nice break for me. It gives me something to look forward to, and I think Noah likes it as well.

One day, I’ll bring Cooper along with us, but it’s the two of us for now. It allows us to bond and have fun together and create lasting memories, which will be so crucial for his development.

I love seeing my little toddler in the snow. It reminds me that he is growing up, and that time is flashing before my eyes. I use to see other toddlers in the snow and thought it was so cute. To have one is a full-circle moment.

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