[VIDEO] A Day in the Life of a Sick Toddler

In this video, I will be doing A Day in the Life of a Sick Toddler. My toddler is sick – he started going to daycare early last week and has been home with a nasty cold since then.

life of a sick toddler

My toddler is home for the week. I figured it would be an excellent time to catch up on what we do when he is home sick with a cold. It’s my first time my toddler has had a bad cold in a while. So I’m doing everything I can to make the process easier for him.

There are many reasons why we have decided to send out toddler daycare. If you would like for me to do a video regarding the reasons why, make sure to leave a comment below.

I hope you enjoy the vlog of a day in the life of a sick toddler. If you like watching cute vlog videos, I have another one with him playing in the snow. You can watch by clicking here.

You will hear that I am a little congested. The weather is changing where I am and because I have sinus problems. Hopefully its not too distracting and you are able to get the idea of the vlog. It was just nice to be able to hang out with him for the first time. The weather is getting warm.

Hopefully we will have plenty of warmer days ahead. Below is the vlog version of this post, click below to watch now.

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