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Newborn Travel During Coronavirus Pandemic

Traveling in the outside world with a newborn is scary. Especially with this damn Coronavirus going around, but you have to do what you have to do. Being a mom to a winter baby has so many challenges, especially since I live in the northeast. The winters can be something else, so learning how to layer, keep him bundled and moving quickly in and out of the cold has become a new sport to me. I’m not overly anxious, but I try to make sure that baby Noah is comfortable since he is very vocal and lets you know what it is and what it isn’t chile LOL.

Even when it comes to putting him in the car seat, I try to make sure I can dress him based on the weather and if it will fit within the newborn insert. Until you go to the doctor’s appointment, you really can’t gauge how big or how much your baby weighs. You are basing it off of if they can fit in the car seat the way it is or if you have to take it out the newborn insert. Here are some tips I’ve used when traveling with a newborn.


Dressing babies in layers, especially in the winter, is the best thing to help with stress, and you can better regulate the baby’s temperature by adding or taking away clothes. If the baby is in-between appointments and you’re not sure about weight dressing him doing, the following method helps. I currently do this since our car seat has a max weight of 11lbs for the infant insert:

  • Undershirt
  • Button-down shirt
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Jacket/Hoodie
father putting baby in car seat


If you are taking any trip, ALWAYS feed your baby before you leave so that while you are traveling, they are full and will most likely be sleeping. Now I want to preference this by saying that I have only gone with my son by car, but I’m sure it will work for trains and planes as well. Also, every time we rest at a rest stop, we would feed the baby. By doing so, it lets us know when he fed last and to keep us on a semi-regular schedule for feedings and to keep the hoopin’ and hollerin’ (crying) down. 


I know sometimes it’s hard, but if you can have a parent, relative, or someone you are traveling with being near the baby, that helps as well. Babies are always learning and want to look at everything and feel secure, and since everything is new to them, they can get nervous and scared, so if you’re going to keep them calm, cool, and collected, being near them is the best. 

My huzzband and I won’t be traveling with our son by air for a while. Regarding the train, he will be a little older before doing that, so, for now, the car works for us and allows us the control what we need to make sure our trips with him smooth sailing. What are some other tips for traveling with a newborn/infant? Let us know in the comment section below so that we can share tips. Don’t worry, Villagers, we’ll get through this because, with this thing called parenthood, we are in this, together! XOXO – April, whose Mom Life is Unscripted!

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