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3 Reasons Breastfeeding Isn’t Always the Best Option


Not sure about you, but when I was growing up, breastfeeding wasn’t something that every woman did. A lot of kids who are the children of baby boomers like myself got fed that Similac and called it a day. Nowadays, there is all is pressure to breastfeed your baby, and it can be very overwhelming, especially for first-time moms. For me, I always knew I would try it, and if it didn’t work, oh well, but its much harder then it seems to keep this façade up. When Noah was born, I knew I would exclusively pump because I have this thing about babies on my titties. I didn’t want that for him or any other child that I have, that’s me don’t be a hater.


Because I didn’t have any medical complications, it was smooth sailing regarding that, or so I thought. By the time you enter your 3rd trimester, you will probably hear it almost every appointment about breastfeeding. But what the doctors don’t tell you is that there are reasons why a mommy can’t or shouldn’t breastfeed. Sometimes like in my case, your baby will let you know what the deal is or not, so you don’t even have to waste your time is trying to figure it out. When Noah was first born, the doctors immediately put him on my breast to stimulate milk production. I thought that once you put them on the chest at least for the first day, they were cool. Since I had a natural birth at a birthing center, we had to go to the doctor the next day for Noah to get checked out.


Long story short, he was fine, but the pediatrician notice that he was crying, and that’s because he hadn’t eaten in like 12 hours lol. Hey, I didn’t know. Because my milk hadn’t come it, which can take 3-5 days, which I also didn’t know, we supplemented with formula for the first few days until my milk decided to make its grand entrance. Yes, this was later explained to us how it works, but how was I supposed to know. As mentioned in other blogs, I don’t have any friends or family with kids, so I couldn’t ask them shit. They were waiting on me so they can ask me lol and because of this I didn’t have a point of reference so don’t judge me, Villagers! What are your first-time breastfeeding stories? Did you know what to do the first time you started to breastfeed?

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